WhatsApp API Gateway for WooCommerce

Send order notification, schedule unpaid order reminder, and create chat autoresponder via WhatsApp right from your WordPress dashboard. Built for WooCommerce. Fully compatible with Caldera Forms. Available API for other platform.


Easy to Setup

  • ✔ Ready-to-use Plugin
  • ✔ Painless Integration
  • ✔ No Coding Skill Required
  • ✔ Solid Documentation


Developer Friendly

  • ✔ Simple REST API
  • ✔ Send Text, Image & File
  • ✔ Powerful Webhook
  • ✔ Support Any Country Code


Unbeatable Plan

  • ✔ Unlimited Messages
  • ✔ Monthly/Yearly Options
  • ✔ Affordable Price
  • ✔ Save a Lot!

Explore All Features of WooNotif Plugin for WooCommerce

Learn how this plugin could leverage your business by transforming your WhatsApp account into powerful notification & autoresponder system that integrate seamlessly to your site.


New Order Notification

Send notification to customer’s whatsapp number right after checkout


Notification Based on Status Order

Send notification when status order changed to any status supported by WooCommerce


Follow Up Order Reminder Notification

Remind customer to paid his order by automatically sending notification after X days


Automatic Aftersales Thankyou Message

Send thankyou message to customer’s whatsapp X days after completed an order


Tracking Number Notification

Notify customer about the order progress by sending tracking number via whatsapp


Fully Customizable Message

Personalize message by inserting customer’s name, order item, total price, bank account, and more


Attach Image on Notification

Make notification more interesting by attach an image to whatsapp message


Send Unlimited Messages

Send unlimited messages, images and files to customers without any quota limit


Create Autoresponder Chatbot

Create your own chatbot to automatically reply customer’s message on whatsapp


Custom Webhook Endpoints

Get notified for every incoming message and integrate it to any web platform


Simple REST API Endpoints

Send whatsapp message outside WooCommerce by using our easy-to-use REST API


Message Log Status Monitor

Monitor every single message status from success, pending, sms, and failed


Downloadable Report Based on Date

Generate report by range of date to see all detailed message sent by system


SMS Gateway Integration

Send message via SMS if customer’s number is not registered to whatsapp


Intelligent Downtime Notification

Always get notified if your phone is not connected to whatsapp to ensure all message sent


Worldwide Scale Coverage

Send whatsapp message accross the world without restriction to any country code

Learn How Our WhatsApp API Works & Connect to Your Number

1. Pair your number

Connect your phone to system by scan a qrcode of WhatsApp web version on our generated virtual machine


2. Install WooNotif Plugin

Install WooNotif plugin from your WordPress dashboard, setup plugin settings, and we are done!


3. Start sending message

Now you can send a test message, activate order notification, run autoresponder or setup webhook


4. Setup API (Optional)

Not a WooCommerce user? Don’t worry, our API can be easily integrated to any web apps and any programming language

Let’s See WooNotif in Action

Get WhatsApp notification by simulate an order from one of these products




* You will get new order notification right after place an order & follow-up order notification after 3 days

Build Your Own Chat Autoresponder Easily!

Create autoresponder chatbot to reply message automatically based on keyword sent by customers. Make it smarter by connecting to webhook to process incoming message with programming code.

* Click to send WhatsApp message to 6287883627818 and type Hello WooNotif as chat keyword

You 10:22 pm

Hello WooNotif

WooNotif 10:23 pm Hello! Welcome to WooNotif Autoresponder.
What information do you want to know?
1. About WooNotif
2. Coupon Code
(Reply with number)
10:23 pm
Lists of Plugin / Apps Supported by WooNotif



Caldera Forms


Contact Form 7


Easy Digital Downloads




SMS Gateway



Ready to Buy? Choose Right Plan Below

Best Choice

$14Per Month
  • Unlimited messages
    Send unlimited messages without quota limit
  • Personal WhatsApp Number
    Use your own WhatsApp number as sender
  • All Plugin Features
    Get all plugin features, like new order notifications, follow up order, and more
  • API Access
    Get API Access to implement WooNotif into any programming language
  • Webhooks
    Webhooks access to receive message and process it
  • Send Text
    Send text from any language, character and emoji
  • Send Image
    Send image from any format, jpeg, png, gif, and more
  • Send File
    Send file document to WhatsApp number
  • Send Group Message
    Send message to WhatsApp group (API only)
  • Message Report
    Get access to downloadable report
  • Tracking Message
    Tracking any message status (Plugin only)
  • Downtime Notification
    Get notification if there is offline phone
  • Autoresponder
    Set autoresponder easily with UI (Plugin only)
  • SMS Gateway
    Send message to any number that not associated to WhatsApp
Frequently Asked Questions

WooNotif is a cloud solution for sending WhatsApp messages that connect your phone to our automated system via WordPress plugin and REST API for other framework. WooNotif also works on several plugin/apps like Caldera Forms, Contact Forms 7, and more.

No. WooNotif is an independent standalone service not in partnership, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp and Facebook , Inc.

Yes, you can use your number as the sender to send WhatsApp messages. But you need to register your number to WhatsApp services by install the apps on your smartphone and make sure your smartphone always connected to Internet.

Our system will generate a qrcode from WhatsApp web version on virtual machine for your number. You need to scan the qrcode first in order to make the service works. Once you scan the qrcode, WooNotif will be connected and you can use it to send WhatsApp messages through plugin or API.

You can use WhatsApp Business account or Personal account. Our system can run on both versions.

Yes, ofcourse. Although WooNotif is built for WooCommerce, you still can use it on your site framework. Our REST API can be integrated into any programming languages, like PHP, Javascript, Python, and more.

You can send text messages with image, link, and file. Currently it’s not possible to send video but you can send a link from youtube or any other streaming site.

Yes, you can setup your own chatbots easily with our plugin version. If you are not using the plugin, you can use webhooks to create autoreply logic.

No, there is no limit on all of our plan. You can send unlimited messages as you like.

Yes, WooNotif works from any country where WhatsApp operates.

SMS Gateway feature enables you to send text message (SMS) if recipient number is not registered to WhatsApp service. This feature requires you to subscribe to 3rd party service for SMS Gateway, like Twilio, Clockwork, Nexmo, Zenziva, and more.

Yes, we recommend you to have a phone that connect to internet while using the service. If your phone lose internet connection, we cannot deliver any message. All messages sent when the phone is offline will be remain in the queue until the phone is online again.

You can technicaly send broadcast messages but we encourage you to do not send unsolicited messages (SPAM) to any unknown number. We are not responsible of abussive usage that violates WhatsApp terms that might eventually ban your WhatsApp number. The recipients can report your account to WhatsApp as spammer that may cause your account getting banned. We strongly encourage you to send messages that recipients are expecting to receive to minimize the risk of getting banned. If your number is getting banned, WooNotif has no control or responsibility over it.

The message will fail to send unless you are subscribed to 3rd Party SMS Gateway. Each number that failed to send via WhatsApp will be sent via SMS gateway. No need to worry if the recipient doesn’t get the message.

You can start using our services by subscribe to our service. We have two available billing cycle, monthly subscription and yearly subscription.

You can pay the subscription via PayPal or local bank transfer if you are Indonesian users.

Your service will be terminated and you need to renew it. Renewal process will reset token key that you need to setup again.

Each subscription comes with one license key to activate plugin on unlimited (999) domain and one WhatsApp number. If you want run the service on multiple domain, you can use our API that can be run on any domain or simply subscribe more license.

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